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Big Ku Lodge

Top in Brown Bear action

Big Ku Lodge is unlikely anything you've ever seen. Situated above timberline, overlooking vast open rolling Tundra hills, this lodge gives you an incredible view of the Big Ku River and all the wildlife that comes with it. Across the land, you can see caribou, moose, wolves, wolverines, foxes, and bald eagles. The most dominant and prevalent wildlife is our big Brown Bears. You will see them every day through the season. Along some salmon streams, you may see as many as 75 in a single outing. These streams are where the action takes place in the struggle for survival. It is an amazing spectacle that can be experienced by a visit to Big Ku, which no others can offer.  


Connecting You with Nature

Riverbanks Safari is here to help you experience all that Alaska has to offer. From stunning views to wildlife expeditions, you will get to live your life to the fullest. We own and operate two high-end lodges that will be your private and exclusive retreat, surrounded by total wilderness. After all, Life is a Journey - Take One with Us

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Big Ku Lodge is the only development on Kukaklek Lake, an 18 by 6 mile lake, surrounded by the best bear feeding habitat in Katmai Park. It is built on private Native Lands, with an exclusive lease on over 10 thousand acres. You will have this and much, all to yourself. Katmai National Park has the highest concentration of Brown Bears on Earth. In the summer they congregate along the riverbanks in search of salmon. This open country at Big Ku Lodge allows you to see and access, all times of the day, bears moving across the Tundra, shoreline, and riverbanks, as they seek out these bright redfish for high protein meals. Big Ku Lodge offers experiences nowhere else can match. 

Weeks run Saturday to Saturday. 

June 8 - July 23

July 24 -Sept 24

June 8- July 31

Repeat Guests $7250.00

New Guests $7650.00

Repeat Guests $7850.00

New Guests $8350.00

4 nights $ 4950.00

3 nights $4050.00

2 nights $3850.00

1 night $1950.00

Anchorage /Brooks Falls/ Big Ku. Daily Flight Tours:

June 15 to August 20 $ 975.00 per person. Minimum 4 Guest - Maximum 9 Guests .


Riverbank Safaris Alaska LLC.

PO Box 190207, Anchorage, AK 99519

907-244-1116 (Winter)

866-428-1842 (Summer)

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