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Royal Wolf Alaska

Top-Rated Fly-Fishing Lodge

In the middle of the best Big Wild Rainbow country on the planet, all the world-famous classic trout streams are 15 minutes or less flight from your cabin. Anglers travel from all over the world to challenge these aggressive and hard fighting trout. The streams are protected to preserve these very large Rainbow with only catch and release fly-fishing. This helps ensure that future generations will get to experience the excitement of hooking a 24 to 30+ inch Rainbow Trout. Our deep appreciation for these magnificent trout means that we only use barbless hooks, unlike most other lodges. But this doesn't mean that you'll catch fewer fish. In fact, you will likely catch more. 


Connecting You with Nature

Riverbanks Safari is here to help you experience all that Alaska has to offer. From stunning views to wildlife expeditions, you will get to live your life to the fullest. We own and operate two high-end lodges that will be your private and exclusive retreat, surrounded by total wilderness. After all, Life is a Journey - Take One with Us.

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There are so many different advantages to scheduling a trip with Royal Wolf. The private and exclusive location in the Park, away from the crowds and local communities with constant noises helps ensure relaxation. We have daily flights to your fishing location, so you don't have to worry about getting there yourself. We have years of experience working with anglers, we can help you with every need. The staff to client ratio provides the impeccable service you deserve. Our Home River, the Nonvianuk, a tributary of the Alagnak or Branch River, flows along our property. It has incredible trout activity from June to early October. There really is no place like Royal Wolf. 

Weeks run Friday to Friday. 

June 8 - July 9

July 9 - Sept 24

Sep 24 - Oct 8

Repeat Guests $8750.00

New Guests $9250.00

Repeat Guests $10,950.00

New Guests $11,650.00

Repeat Guests $8450.00

New Guests $8950.00


Riverbank Safaris Alaska LLC.

PO Box 190207, Anchorage, AK 99519

907-244-1116 (Winter)

866-428-1842 (Summer)

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